Recent Before & After Photos

Roof Leak Caused Mold Damaged

This customer's home had mold damaged. Every time a storm or heavy rain comes through, it will leak into this garage. Mold developed on the walls and inside the... READ MORE

Fire Damage

This home was affected by a fire. SERVPRO of Duluth was there to mitigate and clean up. In the living room, we removed and bagged the affected carpet, pad, dryw... READ MORE

Water Damaged Floors at Hair Salon

This customer had water damaged floors due to her spa chair leaking overnight. It affected the whole salon. The customer already had it dried but was looking fo... READ MORE

Water Leak on Hardwood Floors

The supply line from the ice maker attached to the fridge leaked and affected the hardwoods in 3 rooms. The before picture shows the affected the hardwood floor... READ MORE

Water Heater Busted in a Partially Finished Basement.

This customer had a basement flood in Duluth, GA. Water heater busted in a partially finished basement. It was about an inch of water. The carpet flooring drywa... READ MORE

Damaged Ceiling Due to a Storm

Customer was out of town for a couple of days and came home to water dripping down her ceiling due to the heavy rain. It damaged her ceiling. She had water stai... READ MORE

Strong Smoke Odor

This customer HVAC system caught fire in the attic which caused smoke and soot damage throughout the house. The smoke odor was unbearable due to the customer ha... READ MORE

Water Heater Leak

The hot water heater leaked overnight causing damaged to the hardwood floors and little bit of the carpet. The floors were buckled up and the carpet was soaked.... READ MORE

Water Damaged Due to Leak

The water heater had leaked for several days while the customer was out of town. She mopped up the water and purchased a residential dehumidifier, assuming it w... READ MORE

Water Damage to Home in Atlanta

This family’s Atlanta residence experienced water damage after a flood from heavy rains. SERVPRO of Duluth has the expertise and equipment to mitigate res... READ MORE